2 Day Pattern Welded Steel Course

AUD $2,000.00


This course is designed for completing a bar of pattern welded steel ( also known as Damascus) in 2 work days ( 9-5).
Upon purchasing the class please contact me with your 3 preferred dates, while I can book in short notice,  2 weeks notice  will make accommodating your request  lot easier.

It is a one on class with the possibility of accomodating two people if it’s booked as a group with a group discount.
During the class student(s) will forge total of  2 bars of pattern welded steel in different styles ( Raindrop , Latter , Random or Twist )
We will be using power tools and some dexterity using these tools are required to finish this course . If you struggle in certain aspects I will definitely help you too .

I will provide the PPE , refreshments, drinks , lunch and all the materials needed for the course .
Please wear cotton based clothing that covers your arms and  legs. Wear closed toe shoes.
Before booking make sure to check the weather as forging above 40c days are not recommended.
Some of the sample pattern knives can be seen above, note we will be only forging the steel not the actual blade