1 Day Stock removal kitchen knife making course

AUD $750.00


This course is designed for completing a 6-7” long kitchen knife  in a single work day ( 9-5).
Upon purchasing the class please contact me with your 3 preferred dates, while I can book in short notice a week notice will make accommodating your request  lot easier

It is a one on class with the possibility of accomodating two people if it’s booked as a group with a group discount .
During the class student(s) will design a  kitchen knife they are going to complete and the design will be cut from a carbon steel stock . We will be thermo cycling the knife  and upon cooling it will be profiled to the final shape . After the blade is heat treated and quenched there will be a lunch break that I provide .
After the lunch we will be making the wa handle and once the knife is tempered we will start grinding it . I will be demonstrating how to sharpen the knife and after that we will finish the knife by hand sanding or belt finish depending on the finish selected . As the last step the blade will be mounted to the handle and the course will completed .
We will be using power tools and some dexterity using these tools are required to finish this course . If you struggle in certain aspects I will definitely help you too .

I will provide the PPE , refreshments, drinks , lunch and all the materials needed for the course .
Please wear cotton based clothing that covers your arms and  legs. Wear closed toe shoes.

Some of the sample knife pictures can be seen above