330mm slicer and 160mm boning in Takefu Yushoku

AUD $3,600.00

Hi ,

Here is a special western handled set I have made in Rainbow Damascus san mai . This steel is called Yushoku and it’s made by Takefu special steel company , it’s stainless san mai with copper and brass alloy creating a mokume cladding and a vtoku Carbon steel core . Vtoku is the Takefu’ s version of blue steel , it’s very pure high carbon steel with added tungsten for wear resistance .  Forging of this steel requires very precise temperature and hammer control 

Hand rubber 1500 grit finish , 

i have etched the blades  to bring the contrast of the core steel and the cladding , some alloy banding can be seen at the core steel 

For the handle I have used Arizona ironwood  and bronze bolsters 


steel : Takefu Yushoku ( stainless steel and mokume clad with vtoku carbon core , it will rust if left wet 

Hardness: 63.5hrc

Grind :  Suitable for both right and left handed users

330mm slicer

160mm boning /fillet

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