265mm Blue2/15n20 western gyuto with Honduras rosewood burl handle


I wanted to a offer a pattern welded steel that outperforms usual 1084/15n20 Damascus mix . I have swapped the 1084 with Hitachi blue 2 which has lot more carbon and the tungsten alloy which makes the edge last longer than crispier. This is the second large gyuto I have forged from this steel mix
it has one of the thinnest tip I have done in a knife with crazy distal taper
Slight asymmetrical grind
Handle is Honduras rosewood burl , bronze bolster and g10 spacer

Specs of the knife
Edge length :265mm
Height at the heel :60mm
Thickness at the spine :
above the heel : 3.3mm
half way : 2.1mm
an inch before the tip :1.1mm
a cm before the tip : .6mm
weight :258 grams
rounded spine and choil , hand sanded to 1200 grit , Sharpened up to 6k in water stones .

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