250mm wrought iron clad San Mai gyuto in 125sc


This is the first time I am offering wrought iron San Mai with a western handle configuration.
When I contemplated on putting a western handle on a wrought iron San Mai gyuto I believe the cleanliness of the bronze bolster didn’t match with the rustic texture of the wrought iron and I have decided to use Japanese style wa handles only. Recently a custom order gave me the chance to use matching wrought and I wanted to experiment first and couldn’t be happier with the outcome
Blade is my own San Mai of 125sc carbon steel (1.25 percent carbon) and a wrought iron from old wagon wheel , water quenched at 65hrc
Workhorse grind with a very good distal taper
Handle is Arizona ironwood and wrought iron bolster , heirloom fit .

Specs of the knife
Edge length :250
Height at the heel :55mm
Thickness at the spine :
above the heel : 4.1mm
half way : 2mm
an inch before the tip :1mm
a cm before the tip : .7mm
weight :249 grams
rounded spine and choil , hand sanded to 1200 grit , Sharpened up to 6k in water stones .
1650 aud shipped (1275usd )worldwide via dhl express

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