245mm Takefu Yushoku gyuto with a saya

AUD $2,750.00

Here is a special western handled gyuto I have made in Rainbow Damascus san mai . This steel is called Yushoku and it’s made by Takefu special steel company , it’s stainless san mai with copper and brass alloy creating a mokume cladding and a vtoku Carbon steel core . Vtoku is the Takefu’ s version of blue steel , it’s very pure high carbon steel with added tungsten for wear resistance .  Forging of this steel requires very precise temperature and hammer control 

Hand rubber 1500 grit finish , 

i have etched the blade to bring the contrast of the core steel and the cladding , some alloy banding can be seen at the core steel 

For the handle I have used Arizona ironwood  and a heirloom fit timascus  ( titanium Damascus) bolster. The saya is also in Arizona ironwood and inside of the saya is lined with suede leather to avoid the blade from scratching, friction fit 

The knife is suitable for both right and left handed users 

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