240mm Honyaki Gyuto in Hitachi Blue2

AUD $2,750.00

240mm honyaki gyuto forged from hitachi blue 2 ( aogami 2 )  clay quenched hamon with plenty of ashi and banding on the steel that almost looks like pattern welded steel or even wootz

The handle is sculpted from stabilised Pommelo Sapele with a great chatoyance , g10 and bronze spacer in my yatagan inspired form
It comes with a premium grade saya in exhibition grade Tasmanian Blackwood and inside the saya is lined with soft sheep’s leather to avoid blade scratching, friction fit

steel : Hitachi Blue 2 ( aogami 2 ) carbon steel , not stainless
Edge length: 240mm

Height at the heel : 56mm

Thickness :
above the heel :2.5mm
Midway point 1.9mm
An inch before the tip 1.1mm
1 cm before the tip : .8mm
Weight : 227 grams
Hardness: 64.5-65 hrc
Grind : Slight asymmetrical

Rounded spine and choil , blade hand rubbed to 1500 grit semi mirror finish

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