235mm wrought iron clad 125sc core western gyuto

AUD $1,500.00

Wrought iron San mai gyuto with 125sc pure high core steel  (1.25 percent carbon) . Sadly I have used the last bit of this steel I had for this knife  and not sure if I ever will get a chance to find more of this steel .  Water quenched at 65hrc hardness, takes a scary sharp edge .

This knife is not stainless and has to be wiped after use to avoid rusting!

Workhorse grind that is suitable for both right and left handed users.

I have used African Blackwood for the handle , the bolster is also wrought iron that is etched and heat coloured prior to be mounted on the handle .

Specs :

Edge length :235mm

Height at the heel: 57mm

Weight: 244grams

Thickness at the spine : Above the heel 3.3 mm

Midway 2.6mm

An inch before the tip 1.2mm

A cm before the tip .8mm


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