210 mm integral slicer / suji in Hitachi blue / spicy white / 15n20 twist pattern (Copy)

AUD $1,400.00

Damascus  integral slicer / suji from my own Hitachi blue2/ spicy white (26c3) , 15n20 mix of steels .

specs :

Steel :  Hitachi blue/ spicy white/15n20 carbon steel at 63hrc , not stainless

Specs :

edge length : 210mm

Height at the heel : 33mm

thickness along the spine :

heel :2.5mm

Midway 1.4mm

inch before the tip: 1.2mm

Weight : 178gr

Handle :  Sculpted Arizona ironwood, heirloom fit

Suitable for both right and left handed users
Rounded spine and choil for comfort

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