205mm sujihiki in Damasteel Gysinge pattern


205mm Sujihiki in Damasteel gysinge pattern
Edge length : 205 mm
Thickness along the spine : :2.35mm above the heel , 2mm midway , 1.8mm one inch before the tip , .8mm one cm before tip
Height : 39mm
Weight : 147 grams

Handle is Yatağan inspired , sculpted from Rosewood with bronze bolster and g10 spacer
Sharpened up to 6k with waterstones

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This knife is designed for busy kitchens. During my cooking years in restaurant service I found 200-220mm short knives to work great for slicing proteins and butchering tasks . With extra knuckle clearance compared to a petty knife they would also be useful for short prep sessions. Due to being useful in line , these shorter sujihiki knives are called line knives . I have made few of these knives in the past and always kept one in my kit until I got out of pro cooking and it’s my go to knife at home for most of cooking tasks
I have used damasteel for the blade steel , one of the best pattern welded stainless steel in the market , made in Sweden with Powdered metallurgy technology.