195mm sabatier style integral western Gyuto in spicy white /15n20 random pattern San mai

AUD $1,650.00

Sabatier style integral Damascus San mai chefs knife :

I have made this knife form my spicy white / 15n20 pattern welded steel San mai . While the usual steels used for pattern welded steels provide good enough carbon content I wanted to increase the performance by using higher carbon steel base like the spicy white ( 26c3 ) at 1.25 percent. For the cladding I have used 128 layers on each side with a spicy white core . Unlike the low carbon San mai the cheeks are hard on this style knives and they feel like monosteel.
Handle is Australian lace sheoak

Workhorse grind with very good distal taper suitable for both right and left handed users

Specs :

Edge length: 196mm

Height at the heel : 41mm

Weight : 204grams

Thickness along the spine :

Above the heel : 6mm

midpoint : 3mm

an Inch before the tip : 1.3mm

a cm before the tip : .7mm

Steel : 26c/15n20 pattern welded cladding at 64hrc

core : 26c3 ( spicy white ) at 64.5 hrc


Hand rubbed finish at 1500 grit

Rounded and mirrored choil and spine for comfort

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